Tobacco News – October 1, 2018

Coalition Business

Meetings and events that CWTFC will have representation at this month are listed below. If you wish to attend or would like more information about those contact Jenna Flynn at  or 715-261-1931.

Marathon County AOD Partnership | October 2, 2018 | 11:30PM-1:00PM | Northcentral Technical College

Portage County Alliance for Youth (PCAY) | October 12, 2018 | 8:00AM-9:00AM | Boys & Girls Club of Portage County

Coalition News 

North Central Health Care Integrates Nicotine Treatment into its Services 

The Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition has worked in partnership with UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention and North Central Health Care to offer a free seminar tailored for those that provide mental and behavioral health care and have clients, patients or residents who want to quit smoking.

This is an important effort as 40% of all cigarettes smoked by adults in the United States are smoked by those with mental illness or substance use disorders. In fact, when individuals quit tobacco and other substances at the same time, they are 25% more likely to stay off both.

Wisconsin Tobacco News

Survey Shows Strong Support for a Tobacco-Free UW-Madison

A recent survey of UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff shows that 8 in 10 support UW-Madison going tobacco-free, meaning no use of cigarettes, tobacco products like chew and little cigars, and vaping products on campus. To view the survey and press release click HERE.

To learn more about other tobacco-free Wisconsin Colleges & Universities and initiatives around this visit SPARK and view the video below.

National Tobacco News 

FDA Calls Youth E-Cigarette Use an Epidemic

On September 12, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., released a statement on new steps to address epidemic of youth e-cigarette. To read the full statement click HERE. See NBC News video below.

Nearly 1 in 11 Students Have Used E-cigarettes for Marijuana

A new research letter from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2016, nearly 1 in every 11 students used cannabis in an e-cigarette. This means that essentially more than 2 million youth have ever used cannabis in an e-cigarette, including nearly 1 in 3 high school (1.7 million) students and nearly 1 in 4 middle school students (425,000). To read the story click HERE.