Tobacco News – June 1, 2018

Coalition Business

Meetings and events that CWTFC will have representation at this month are listed below. If you wish to attend or would like more information about those contact Jenna Otterholt at  or 715-261-1931.

Marathon County AOD Partnership | June 5, 2018 | 11:30PM-1:00PM | Northcentral Technical College

Coalition News

The City of Wausau Adopts Smoke-Free Parks 

The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 22 to prohibit smoking in certain areas of city parks and outdoor areas on city property. To read more about this story and the ordinance being implemented click HERE.

Wisconsin Rapids FACT Group Meets With Representative Katrina Shankland 

On May 15th, 8 of the Wisconsin Rapids FACT members met with Representative Katrina Shankland at Lincoln High School to discuss current initiatives and tobacco trends in their school. The youth conducted the Scratch Off Cards FACTivism with Representative Shankland. Through this activity, they were able to show the potential fate of tobacco users.

FACT Youth President Earns Media During Mental Health Month

FACT President, Madelyn Dickey, submitted a letter to the editor on May 11 discussing concerns around tobacco use among those with mental illnesses. To read the full story, click HERE.

Tobacco News 

E-Liquids Misleadingly Labeled or Advertised as Food Products Receive Warnings 

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission issued warning letters to companies that misleadingly labeled or advertised nicotine-containing e-liquids as kid friendly food products such as juice boxes, candies, and cookies. To read more and view the products click HERE.

Other Tobacco News 

Milwaukee Increases Fines for Retailers Who Sell Tobacco to Minors

The City’s Attorney Office, along with Milwaukee Municipal Judges took steps to help restrict youth access to tobacco products recently by increasing the fine retailers face for selling tobacco products to minors from $260 to $691. To read the full story, click HERE.