Tobacco News- July 1, 2015

Coalition Business

Mark your calendars for the next Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition Meeting on Wednesday, July 8th from 1:30-3:30 PM at Portage County Health & Human Services (Ruth Gilfry Building).

WiNTiPDavid “Mac” Macmaster and Kristine Hayden will be joining us to provide an educational presentation on “The Ethical and Clinical Case for Tobacco Integration.” The presentation will address the health disparities among individuals recovering from AODA and mental health disorders. They will share prevention and treatment strategies and discuss effective tobacco dependence treatment resources to help people quit and remain quit, including WiNTiP- Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project.

Those with mental illness/substance use disorders smoke over 40% of all cigarettes in the United States. Individuals may be recovering from alcohol, drugs and mental disorders, but tobacco is killing them and limiting their recoveries.

Coalition Media

The Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition has been working hard to educate the communities we serve about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. Our coalition was recently featured in the following media pieces:

E-Cigarettes Included in Compliance Checks

Our coalition was asked to do an interview on the recent decision to include e-cigarettes into tobacco compliance checks.

Group to include e-cigarettes in compliance checks

Other Tobacco News

Wisconsin is Better Smoke-Free

Sunday, July 5th marks the 5 year anniversary of Wisconsin’s Clean Indoor Air Law! This means that our businesses have enjoyed five years of cleaner indoor air and healthier employees and customers. Thanks to our state’s clean indoor air law, tomorrow’s kids will be just as shocked that smoking was once allowed in restaurants and taverns as today’s kids are that smoking used to be commonplace on airplanes.

Thank you to the Wisconsin lawmakers that passed this landmark legislation and the Wisconsin residents that fought to make it a reality.

WI_Better_SFA_Color_LogoEnvironmental Scans

A few coalition members completed environmental scans in Portage, Marathon, and Wood Counties. Environmental scans provide us with the opportunity to discover and document youth exposure to tobacco products in our community. This is what we found:

E-juice (2)
E-Juice display found on counter at point of purchase. E-juice comes in many sweet, fruity flavors that youth are known to like.


Royal Juice (2)
E-juice display at lower, eye-level. E-juice labeled as having flavors of Chocolate Hazelnut and various Milkshake flavors.


OTP Floor Power Display
Other Tobacco Product display on sales floor next to other food items. Various flavors including pineapple, grape, strawberry, and chocolate.