Tobacco News- January 1, 2018

Coalition Business

The Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition has a new coordinator! Jenna Otterholt began in October and has been getting oriented to the program and preparing for 2018 initiatives. We give Jenna a warm welcome! The steering committee will be meeting in early January to outline next steps for the coalition. A date for the next coalition meeting will be announced soon. Jenna can be reached at or 715-261-1931. We thank you for your patience as we transitioned coordinators in 2017.

Coalition News

The City of Wausau Parks and Recreation Commission voted in November to move a Smoke-Free Parks ordinance forward to City Council. The Wausau City Council opposed the policy on a 5-6 vote. For general information on smoke-free parks, visit

Tobacco News

There is a new tobacco product that is gaining popularity among teens called JUUL. The e-cigarette device looks like a USB flash drive and is charged in a computer or laptop. They also come in kid-friendly flavors like mango, cool mint, fruit medley and crème brulee.

Check out the store locator on JUUL’s website to see if there are any stores in your area that carry the product. Here’s an article from NPR that talks about how teenagers are embracing JUUL and saying it’s discreet enough to vape in class. There is a growing concern in schools about the use of this product right here in Wisconsin.

Other Tobacco News

New Survey Shows Youth Cigarette Smoking Continues to Fall, But Raises Fresh Concerns about E-Cigarettes and Cigars

The 2017 Monitoring the Future survey released today shows that youth cigarette smoking continues to fall, but raises fresh concerns about the popularity of electronic cigarettes and cigars among youth. The survey found that far more 12th graders vaped e-cigarettes than smoked regular cigarettes in the previous 30 days – 16.6 percent reported any vaping, including 11 percent who reported vaping nicotine, versus 9.7 percent who smoked cigarettes. In addition, more 12th graders reported smoking flavored little cigars than cigarettes – 10.1 percent to 9.7 percent.

CDC Report on Tobacco Use among American Indians (AI) and Alaska Natives (AN)

During 2010–2015, current (past 30-day) tobacco-product use was significantly higher among AI/ANs than non-AI/ANs for any tobacco product (43.3 percent vs. 27.7 percent); for cigarettes (37.3 percent vs. 23.0 percent); for roll-your-own tobacco (7.1 percent vs. 3.5 percent); for pipes (1.9 percent vs. 0.9 percent); and for smokeless tobacco (6.6 percent vs. 3.5 percent). Read more HERE.