Tobacco News- August 1, 2016

Coalition Business

The next Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition meeting is on November 9, 2016 from 2:00-4:00pm at Portage County Health and Human Services Department (817 Whiting Ave, Stevens Point).

Coalition News

National Parents Day Letter to the Editor

Mini Cigarillos 2016-06-16Our coalition submitted a letter to the editor encouraging parents to talk with their kids about the dangers of using tobacco.

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Other Tobacco News

New CDC MMWR on Adult Tobacco Use

The CDC recently released a report on adult tobacco use in the U.S.

Report highlights:

  • Cigarettes are still the most used tobacco product among adults.
  • Highest use of emerging products like e-cigarettes and hookah is among young adults (18-24).
  • Tobacco use varies based on gender, age, race, geography, education, income, and sexual orientation.

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CDC Article on Tobacco Products and Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing

In this study from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, authors found that Americans living in multi-unit housing (MUH) are more likely to use tobacco products and less likely to have smoke-free home rules than people living in single-family housing. A quarter of all adult MUH residents use tobacco products and a third of all MUH residents with smoke-free rules are exposed to secondhand smoke that comes into their units from nearby areas.

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FDA Final Rule to Take Effect in One Week

On May 5, 2016 the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) took an important step to protect public health by issuing a final regulation to begin regulating e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and hookah.

The FDA Tobacco Deeming Rule will go into effect one week from today. On August 8th:

  • Tobacco products cannot be sold to minors under the age of 18 (in person and online)
  • Age verification by photo ID is required for all tobacco sales
  • Tobacco products covered by the rule cannot be sold in vending machines (unless in an adult-only facility)
  • The distribution of free tobacco products samples is not allowed