Tobacco News- October 23, 2014

Retirement Announcement

Hello there,

I am taking Early Retirement. My last day will be Oct. 24th

It has been my great pleasure to have been the Central WI Tobacco Free Coalition Coordinator working with you on tobacco issues since 2010. Many transitions, budget adjustments and activities have occurred due in large part to your willingness to get involved. We have seen the implementation of the Clean Indoor Air Act, a brief challenge to it, UW-Stevens Point Campus go Tobacco Free, Roll Your Own machines come and go, budgets squeezed three counties into one coalition, but we were grateful to even have a budget on some occasions when we were down to six month contracts. A new Clear Gains program was launched to assist multi-unit property owners to voluntarily make rental units smoke free.   Legislators and community members became aware of new and candy flavored products designed to addict a new generation. Most important of all, smoking rates have dramatically declined in the youth population, and declined in adults as well.

New challenges are on the horizon. E-Cigarettes that renormalize smoking and are attractive to youth are popular and as a result new local policies are needed to keep indoor air clean in schools, businesses and the community. Clear Gains will see renewed emphasis in local housing. And new media will be designed to get the word out on tobacco free issues. The work will continue under new leadership to bring you information and opportunities to improve the health and well-being of residents in Central Wisconsin through tobacco prevention and control efforts.

Thank you for all of your participation and interest past, present and future. I’m sure I will see you around the community from time to time.

-Dot Kalmon

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