Tobacco News- October 2, 2014

Retirement Announcement from Dot Kalmon, Central WI Tobacco Free Coalition Coordinator

“Who will free me from hurry, flurry, the feeling of a crowd pushing behind me, of being hustled and crushed? How can I regain even for a minute the feeling of ample leisure I had during my early, my creative years? Then I seldom felt fussed, or hurried. There was time for work, for play, for love, the confidence that if a task was not done at the appointed time, I easily could fit it into another hour. I used to take leisure for granted, as I did time itself.”

– Bernard Berenson, Sunset and Twilight, from the Diaries of 1947-1958


Imagine what Mr. Berenson would think of this century?! I am taking early retirement after 34 years of hurry & flurry. My last day will be October 24th. Even so my schedule (without a full time job) will be packed. I look forward to finishing a remodeling project, organizing an at home business, and in the new year, working out part time for pocket change and adventure trip money. I know I will be busy but, I am hoping there will be time for “work, for play… for ample leisure.”

The Coalition will continue. Contact Judy Burrows with any questions or tobacco free concerns or 715/261-1900 and ask for her. A big thank you for your continued partnership with the Tobacco Free Coalition and our mission to reduce tobacco related death & disability through education and advocacy, creating a community environment that encourages tobacco free living.

All the best to you. Home contact information for Dot Kalmon:


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